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For production of the pre galvanized steel pipe. We develop some our own technologies.
After welding the material into the pipes, we will do the zinc supplement with the 1.5mm 99.99% purity zinc wire. This part can efficiently protect the pipe surface from getting rusted. Compared to other small factories, they will only spray the silver painting which makes the pipe surface almost same. But the using life will be shorter. What's worse, some factories even overlook this part to get a very cheap price with low quality.
After production, our factory will do an extra protection for the zinc coating by passivation. For this part, we invest our own patent - automatic spraying system to ensure the passivation liquid average adhere to the pipe surface. It can efficiently protect the zinc coating which can keep sure the gi pipes' longer using life. We use the high quality passivation liquid so the surface looks beautiful. If without  this stop, the cost can be saved a lot, but after a short time using or storage the pipe will get some rusted problem.
For the storage part, we also lead the industry to reform. We JZY STEEL stock the pipe without the steel cushion to save a lot cost for our customers.
Our company keeps reforming and innovating to provide better service for our customers and try to save cost for them as we can.

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