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We have our own "laboratory testing center".Can meet all aspects of the test, to ensure the quality of galvanized steel pipe and black steel pipe..Our laboratory has a variety of testing machines to achieve various aspects of testing:

The platform spectrometer mainly measures the chemical composition of the product.
The bending machine is used to measure the bending degree of the product.
The electronic compression testing machine mainly  measure the compressive strength of the product.
Universal material testing machine, used to measure the tensile strength and compressive strength of products.
Salt spray testing machine, the main test product corrosion resistance.
Automatic low temperature impact testing machine, used to test the impact resistance of products.
Chemistry lab.The strength of the passivation solution is tested chemically to determine whether the passivation treatment of the product meets the standards.
Hardness tester, through microscopic imaging principle, through photos to determine whether the hardness of the product is qualified.

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