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As we all known, after production the products should be packed for storage and shipping. Usually they will be packed into bundles and stock in the warehouses. When the shipment is ready, products will be loaded into the containers and also we have special package for the bulk shipment.
We JZY STEEL have our own indoor storage centre with 20,000 square meters building. 
There are some advantages: It can effciently protect the products from getting rusted. Some factories store the products outdoor. When rainy days, it will cause some rusted problem espeecially for black steel pipe. 
Besides, we will produce some normal sizes for stock. And for our stock pipes, they usually will be updated within two weeks due to the large demand. Compared to other factories, we stock the pipes without steel cushion to save more cost for our clients.
When our clients have emergent orders, we can provide the products quickly and we can load 20-25 containers one day.
For better service to our clients on transportation, we invest our own JZY STEEL transport team for providing one-stop service. We equip with more vehicles on transportat team for providing 24 hours transportation service. We are committed to better and better service for our customers.

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