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convenient adjustable galvanized scaffolding support

ADJUSTABLE STEEL PROP has a high load-bearing capacity and is designed to be used for supporting the horizontal formwork members.It incorporates an adjustable thread and slot hole, making it easy to install, dismantle and to adjust the level. This allows for high-spee construction of scaffolding. The component is manufactured with a galvanised finish to protect it from rust.
Min Order: 10pcs
Material:Metal q235
Type:light heavey

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Spanish Prop
Adjustable Length Out Tube  Inner Tube Wall Thickness


48mm 40mm 1.5-2.5mm
1600-3000mm 48mm 40mm
2000-3500mm 48mm 40mm
2200-4000mm 48mm 40mm
Surface Treatment Painted, Power Coated, Electro Galvanized or Hot Dip Galvanized 

Italian Prop  
Adjustable Length Out Tube Inner Tube Wall Thickness
1600-2900mm 56mm 48mm 1.5-2.75mm
1800-3100mm 56mm 48mm
2000-3600mm 56mm 48mm
2200-4000mm 56mm 48mm
Surface Treatment Painted, Power Coated, Electro Galvanized or Hot Dip Galvanized

Middle East or German Prop
Adjustable Length Out Tube Inner Tube Wall Thickness
1400-2700mm 60.3mm 48.3mm 1.6-4.0mm
1600-2700mm 60.3mm 48.3mm
1620-2640mm 60.3mm 48.3mm
2000-3500mm 60.3mm 48.3mm
2200-3500mm 60.3mm 48.3mm
3000-5500mm 60.3mm 48.3mm
Surface Treatment Painted, Power Coated, Electro Galvanized or Hot Dip Galvanized


(1)Steel prop is mainly made of bottom plate, outer tube, inner tube, swivel nut,cotter pin, upper plate and the accessories of
treipod, head jack, the structure is simple and flexible.
(2)The structure of steel prop is simple, so it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
(3)Steel prop is adjustable because the inner tube can extend and shrink in the outer tube, so it can be adjusted according tothe
required height.
(4) The steel prop can be reused. Even though it is out of work, the material can also be recycled.
(5)Steel prop can be adjusted according to the different height of the cnstructions.C

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