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GI Shoring Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding, videly used in elevated bridge, construction, tunnel construction, plant, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, storage shelves, stage erection, sports bleachers and other projects.

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GI Ringlock scaffolding uses a simple, unique and bolt-free connection technology.  Sliding the wedge head  over the rosette and  inserting the wedge into  the opening immediately  secures the component.

There is still sufficient play to secure the other end of  the ledger. A hammer blow to the wedge transforms the loose connection into a superbly strong structurally rigid one. The face of the wedge head is now precisely positioned against the standard. 

The result of superior  design: Up to 8 connections can be made in the structurally ideal Allround connector on one level and at various angles. Connections are provided in standard dimensions of 50 cm on all  Allround standards. The flat rosette prevents clogging with dirt of whatever type.

Ingenious connection technology: The four small punched-out openings in the rosette automatically centre the ledger at right angles – the four large openings allow the angle of alignment to be selected.


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